Grooming victim: ‘My teacher groomed me on Facebook at 13’

As shocking stats reveal two teachers a month are banned from teaching for seducing pupils, Rebecca Forrester tells Closer about her ordeal


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At just 13, Rebecca Forrester thought she could trust her teacher Kyle Young.

So she was horrified when the 27-year-old began targeting her with sleazy messages on Facebook, telling her she was ‘stunning’ and ‘sexy’, before asking her to send photos of herself.


Rebecca, now 17, told her family about the disturbing messages and reported the technical studies teacher to the school.

In April 2013, Young admitted sending sexual messages and was given a three-year community payback order. He was also put on the sex offenders’ register for three years and banned from teaching.

Worryingly, Rebecca is not alone in being targeted by a teacher.

Shocking statistics reveal two teachers a month were banned from the profession last year over their inappropriate behaviour towards students.

Figures from the Department for Education showed that a total of 28 teachers were expelled after misconduct proceedings.

Rebecca, from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, is trying to put her ordeal behind her but says her trust in teachers has been shattered.


The teenager explains: “Mr Young used to be one of my favourite teachers because he was so friendly. I never dreamed he’d abuse my trust. When I started getting suggestive messages from him I was horrified and scared. Now whenever a male teacher acts in a friendly way towards me, I can’t help wondering if they have an ulterior motive.

“I was shocked to hear so many teachers have been banned for inappropriate behaviour. They’re in a position of authority and you should be able to look up to them and trust them."

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