PICTURED: Hero groom saves drowning child on his wedding day!


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Clayton Cook was in the middle of one of the best days of his life - his wedding day - when he noticed a child drowning in a lake.

Clayton and his new wife Brittany were having their photos taken on a bridge overlooking a lake in the beautiful Victoria Park in Kitchener, Canada.

But as they were commemorating their wonderful wedding day, Clayton spotted something in the water.

A little boy had fallen into the lake and looked to be drowning.

WATCH: Groom Clayton Cook saved a little boy from drowning on his wedding day | CTV

Without a second thought, Clayton sprinted off the bridge and jumped into the water, grabbing the boy by the arm and pulling him to safety.

Amazingly, photographer Darren Hatt captured the terrifying moments.

He told CNN: "I was the last one to see anything. When I spun around, Clayton was there already scooping the child and putting him back on the ground."

Clayton jumped in without a second thought for himself (Credit: Hatt Photography) ©Hatt Photography

His wife Brittany was not even shocked by his actions, telling CTV: "That's Clay to me. It doesn't even surprise me that that happened. It's something he would just instinctively do.

"How different would everyone's day been if we weren't in the right place at the right time?"

Clayton, who didn't even stop to change out of his wedding suit afterwards, then told the BBC: "I was sort of keeping a close eye on them, just because they were close to the water.

"I kind of just said to myself, 'Well I'm pretty sure that just drops off, and I'm going to go check just to make sure the kids are okay'."

He was able to get the little boy out of the water (Credit: Hatt Photography) ©Hatt Photography

"When I got there, they were kind of looking down in the water and pointing. That's when I saw the boy — he was in the water, struggling, trying to keep his head up above the water and just flailing his arms quite a bit and just trying to keep air in himself.

"That's when I was able to kind of jump down the rock ledge. I kind of plucked him out and put him on top of the ledge there. He was in a lot of shock, and he was probably pretty tired. I think he was fighting for longer than I even thought."

His wife Brittany said it was just the sort of thing he'd do (Credit: Hatt Photography) ©Hatt Photography

What an absolute hero!

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