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Doreen Ashby's family wanted to plan a fitting memorial for her after she passed away at the age of 95 - something that her 113 GRANDCHILDREN could all attend.

Doreen, who was well-loved by all her family and friends, passed away on Saturday 23 September at the age of 95 after having six children with her husband William, who devastatingly passed away in 1977 of lung cancer.

A mum-of-six, Doreen was a popular lady in her local area of South Shields in Tyne and Wear.

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From her six children, Doreen had 27 grandchildren, 84 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

As many of her family members would be too young to attend her funeral, the family came up with a lovely idea to commemorate her - something they could all enjoy and remember their beloved grandma.

Doreen was a very popular lady and had lots of friends (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

The group of 70 relations chose to embark on a memorial walk, beginning at her home on Fawcett Way in South Shield, through the town centre before going to the Mill Dam - somewhere she had regularly visited as it was a favourite place of her son William, who passed away aged 65 last year.

The children were all given a yellow rose, which they laid down in her memory at the Mill Dam - the youngest of whom was Doreen's five-month-old great grandchild Jay Ashby.

All children were given a yellow rose to lay down (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Doreen's daughter, Lilian, said: "My mum was such a lovely person, and everybody loved her. We're a very close family and she loved every one of us. She was very proud of her family and we all loved her so deeply.

"This was a chance for us to remember and celebrate her life. The children are too young to go to the funeral, so this was their chance to pay their respects. It was fitting that we ended the walk at the Mill Dam, as my brother used to fish there and I'd take my mum there every Tuesday to lay a flower for him and pay our respects.

"Everyone will have fond memories of her and always remember her with a smile on their face. She was a very happy person loved by everyone she knew."

Doreen had 113 grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Lilian's daughter and Doreen's granddaughter Tracy Jordan, 26, said: "Gran was a lovely lady who will be greatly missed. We thought my grandma was immortal, she had a lovely life where we all rallied round her and did everything for her."

Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

What a lovely way to remember your loved one.

Have you ever organised a big celebration to commemorate a loved one's life? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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