Good news! Your baby pics on social media don’t annoy people

A survey finds baby pics aren't the most annoying kind of social media post

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by Thea de Gallier |
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Remember when almost every article about social media focused on how posts about kids were annoying everyone on your feed?

Well, proud parents can now relax, as it turns out they're not the most irritating people on the internet.

A new survey has found that most people were more likely to hit 'unfriend' after reading boastful posts or seeing people showing off.

The study, by Broadbandchoices and Populus, spoke to over 2000 people, and found that more than half of them found 'show-off' or 'self-pity' posts the worst kind of social media posts.

The results also showed that women were more likely to be irritated by this than men.

So, if you were about to treat your Facebook followers to a tell-all account of your luxury holiday or a cryptic post about feeling rubbish, you might want to think twice before posting.

There's good news for parents, though - posts about children, pets and dinner were predicted to score highly in the annoying stakes, but less than 10% of respondents reported being angered by them.

How you react to stuff you don't like on social media might also depend on your age.

People over 65 were more likely to ignore posts they didn't like, but the younger generation are a tough crowd - over a third of 18-34 year olds admitted to hiding or even unfriending someone who was getting on their nerves.

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