Give a lonely pet a fresh start!

Each hour an abandoned pet is brought into a Blue Cross animal rescue shelter.


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This year, we’ve teamed up with the charity to help find them some loving homes.

If you’ve picked up the mag this week, you’ll have seen some of the pets in desperate need of a home. But don't worry if you've not got it yet, because we've got some more furry friends, right here, who need your help.

And remember, if you think you can help, we’ve put all the numbers at the bottom of the page.

Lily loves playing outside
Lily loves playing outside

Lily is a two year old Tortoiseshell cat

Lily came to the Blue Cross in Northiam, East Sussex, months ago after being found alone in the street.

Lily loves the great outdoors and enjoys going outside for an adventure.

LIKES: Being groomed and playtime

DISLIKES: Being stuck inside and feeling hungry

Seren is a real softie and loves human company

Seren is a six year old Japanese Akita

Seren was brought into the Blue Cross centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, as a stray.

She’s an incredibly loving dog and enjoys cuddling up and being stroked.

LIKES: Toys and a comfortable bed

DISLIKES: Not having a family to take care of her

Flicka would make a great companion for another cat

Flicka is a six-year-old black and white cat

Flicka was found wandering the streets before being picked up and taken to the Blue Cross in Thirsk, Yorkshire, six months ago.

She loves to play games and would be the perfect companion for another cat.

LIKES: Playing football and wand toys

DISLIKES: Being a billy-no-mates

Mya is a great learner and enjoys practising her tricks!

Mya is an 18 month old Akita Crossbreed

Mya is a fun-loving dog who was picked up on the streets and taken to the Blue Cross centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

She’s learnt some amazing tricks, while at the centre, and loves showing off how to walk properly on her lead.

LIKES: Playing with other dogs and hugs with humans

DISLIKES: Not being made a fuss of and having no one to love


Interested in adopting? Please call the relevant numbers below:

THIRSK: 0300 777 1540

NORTHIUM: 0300 777 1510

Don’t worry if you’ve not found a pet that will fit into your home – there are many more at centres nationwide.

To find out how to adopt, to donate to the Blue Cross visit,

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