Girl thinks of hilarious way to get rid of unwanted attention from male admirer

We’ve all been there, in that awkward situation when somebody asks for your number and you really don’t want to give it to them.


by Jack White |
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It’s always comes down to a choice between being blunt and telling the person you’re not interested – risking tears – or the classic fake number trick.

However, one girl has come up with a very funny way of telling guys she is not into them.

When she was asked for it, Hannah gave the guy her actual real number. But when the guy text her, expecting to get Hannah, she replied pretending to be a One Direction picture subscription.

The obviously confused boy didn't get quite the response he was after
The obviously confused boy didn't get quite the response he was after


According to Hannah, this isn’t the first time she has pulled a prank like this. She tweeted, along with screen grabs of the messages: “I met this boy last night and he text me and I did this again, I am crying.”

In reply to the confused boy’s text, Hannah wrote messages such as: “RED ALERT: Harry had straight hair yesterday! We are still in shock! But he is still gorgeous! To unsubscribe reply with STOP. Rates and charges apply.”

The guy did reply with STOP, only to receive: “You have unsubscribed to One Direction updates and pictures. Your phone bill will include our charge of £78.96. to re-subscribe reply with START.”

Would you go this far to tell someone you weren’t interested? Let us know via the comments box below!

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