Girl completes bucket list by sacrificing her life to save friend

A 17-year-old girl fulfilled her bucket list in the most tragic way imaginable this month, after she sacrificed herself to save her friend.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Rebecca Townsend was 17 when she was hit by an oncoming car while crossing the street on the 7 July 2015.

Pushing her friend out the path of the vehicle, and being struck herself, Rebecca fulfilled the final item on her short bucket list, which consisted of ‘kiss in the rain, fly to spain, save a life.’

Rebecca Draper Townsend was a beautiful, caring, brilliant 17 year old girl who tragically died on July 2, 2015 while... > >

Posted by [Remembering Rebecca]( on [Sunday, July 5, 2015](

Years previously, during a school assignment, Rebecca had written her mini bucket list - something that was uncovered and used in a eulogy to her after her death.

Here is the full extract:

‘December 2012

Dear me,

So I guess I’m a senior now (wow that didn’t come out cool. I’m not cool…oops) Well, hi. Currently I’m a little sophomore. I’m five foot two, I weigh 98 pounds. Maybe I’ll grow a little bit in the next two years...

‘So I haven’t had a boyfriend yet, sadly. I really hope by senior year I’ll have a cute one (I’m not being shallow, he should be cute…as a plus). I think I want to go to college in a city, maybe I’ll go to Fordham or Boston College.

‘Bucket list:

o Kiss in the rain

o Fly to Spain

o Save a life

‘Yeah, I don’t know what I want to do before I die. So my friends right now are Sammy, Jess, Emily, Drew, Lauren, Emma, Andrea and Katie. My best friends not at this school are Molly, Devrie and Anna. I love the play and the volleyball team. I really want to be in one of our school musicals. Or get a lead in the play. Well this was homework and I’m doing this the day of…oops. Maybe by the time I read this I’ll stop procrastinating HAHAHA. Like that would happen.

Bye, Me!

Love, Past Rebecca’

Now amazingly, her family are using her tragic death to encourage others to do good deeds and spread love to others.

Her sister, Victoria, added this on the Facebook page:

‘What an insightful, funny, quirky, and sensitive little girl. To my parents, thank you for taking her to Spain. To the Drama club, thank you for including her in all your countless productions. To Notre Dame, thank you for accepting her and validating all of her hard work—even if South Bend was not quite the city she had in mind.

‘To her teachers, thank you for assigning her homework like this. To her friends, thank you for being her greatest supporters even during her toughest times in high school. To Niko, thank you for being the cute boyfriend she could kiss in the rain. And to Ben, thank you for letting her save a life.

‘Also, below is a link to some printable cards. These cards can be shared to encourage others to view some of the great memories of Rebecca or to share an act of kindness in memory of her. You can use this card to let others know that your act of kindness was done in honor of her, and they can pass the card and good deed on to another. Follow this link to download the template of cards:'

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