Generous customer pays bartender $1000 tip for pet dog’s surgery

A bartender was left in shock after a customer left a £1000 tip to help pay for her pet dog’s much needed surgery.


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A couple drinking at a bar paid their server a $1000 tip after learning that the bartender’s dog was in need of expensive surgery.

The couple and the bartender Christina Summitt were discussing their love of dogs when they asked her what type of dog she had.

It was then that Christina revealed her Great Dane black Labrador mix had swallowed a plastic ball and needed pricey surgery to remove it.

The bartender left a generous £1000 tip
The bartender left a generous £1000 tip

Christina told the couple that she was unsure how she would pay for the surgery as she already works three jobs.

Her income alongside her husband’s full time job only just covered costs in caring for her three stepchildren, she told the couple.

When the couple closed their $80 they left an extra $1000 for Christine.

The bartender tried to refuse the money, but the gentleman making the generous donation told her he would be ‘honoured’ to pay for the pet dog’s surgery.

Christine told CNN: ‘I just stood there in shock. I walked around and hugged this couple. They said, ‘We’ll be praying for Tucker.’

‘Apparently this man does this quite frequently. Just a really nice guy and humanitarian.’

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