Gay teacher ‘forced to resign’ following complaints from parents

A gay teacher has been forced to resign from his job following a series of homophobic complaints from parents


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Well-respected teacher Andrew Moffat claimed that religious parents objected to him teaching their children because they didn't want pupils learning that homosexuality was "ok".

Mr Moffatt, author of the book Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools, resigned from his position in December and will leave Birmingham's Chilwell Croft Academy this month.

He opened up about his departure to The Metro, saying: "In my work I have met with some challenging views from different sections of the community.

"Some Christian and some Muslim parents have told me they don’t want their children learning that it’s OK to be gay."

In the five years he has been at the school, Mr Moffat has trained teachers how to prevent homophobic bullying, allowing children to be true to themselves and be more understanding of others.

Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools by Andrew Moffat
Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools by Andrew Moffat

He revealed: "I came out at school in an assembly after a group of 11-year-olds held up a poster they made headed “Gay is good”.

"It seemed like the right time to let the children know they knew a gay person.

"Following me coming out, some parents from different communities complained to the school, but I maintain that my decision was the right one at that time."

Mr Moffat has now accepted another teaching post outside of Birmingham.

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