These Friends super-fans visited the set and recreated Monica and Chandler’s proposal… With real-life engagement!


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Friends superfans Adam Fishlock and Claire Brierley visited the FriendsFest set last week - and ended up getting engaged in the exact same way as characters Monica and Chandler did!

One of the most well-loved TV shows of all time still to this day can make us laugh or cry.

Friends, which aired from 1994 - 2004, is one of the most popular sitcoms to have ever aired - bringing people together with any one line from the show.

One of the most iconic moments of the series was when Chandler and Monica got engaged.

WATCH: The One Where Monica and Chandler Get Engaged | NBC/ Friends

After nearly falling back into the arms of her macho, mustachioed ex-boyfriend Richard thanks to Chandler's stupid plan to propose, Monica turned the tables and popped the question instead.

And in one of the cutest moments in TV history, they got engaged!

Oh heck, we're nearly welling up just thinking about it.

Taking his inspiration from Monica and Chandler's beautiful moment, Adam Fishwick secretly plotted his very own version of events for his Friends-obsessed girlfriend, Claire Brierley.

Adam proposed to Claire on the set of FriendsFest (Credit: Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest) ©Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest

Adam secretly planned the whole thing without Claire knowing, secretly filling Monica's apartment on the set of the FriendsFest exhibition with candles - recreating the iconic scene where Monica and Chandler get engaged on the show.

After being together for over two years, Adam felt the time was right to pop the question to Claire - in the most perfect way possible.

She said yes! (Credit: Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest) ©Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest

Adam said: "We both absolutely love Friends, and we came to the very first FriendsFest within our first month of dating.

"When I saw that FriendsFest was back for a third year I knew that it would be the perfect place to propose to Claire as the event means so much to us both."

How cute!

After the shock proposal, Claire said: "FriendsFest was one of our first memories together so it was so special when I walked through the door to Monica's apartment to see it had been filled with candles, just like the Friends episode.

"When Adam appeared from around the corner, went down on one knee, and proposed I couldn't believe he had done all this for me.

"It was such a magical moment, one that we will remember forever!"

The happy couple (Credit: Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest) ©Comedy Central UK’s FriendsFest

Could this BE any cuter?!

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