Four-year-old girl fighting for life in intensive care after being sucked into jacuzzi filter


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The poor little girl is in an artificial coma

A four-year-old girl has been left fighting for her life after an accident in a hotel hot tub badly damaged her bowel.

Little Isabella Floyd was at the Admiral Hotel in Zlatni Piasatzi in Varna, Bulgaria, with her mother Nicola and grandmother.

They were relaxing in the hotel's jacuzzi when Isabella was suddenly sucked into the jacuzzi's filter pump, and she became stuck.

The beautiful little girl has been left fighting for her life in hospital (Credit: Facebook/ Nicola Floyd) ©Facebook/ Nicola Floyd

The little girl's bottom became stuck in the filter, and she cried: "my tummy, my tummy". Nicola, 28, desperately tried to pull her daughter free from the filter, but the pressure was too strong.

Speaking to The Sun, Nicola said: "I was sitting in one corner, and Isabella was in another corner trying to copy her mum.

"She started screaming. There was no lid on the filter. She didn't go under water, I was holding her. I tried to break the vacuum with my fingers."

Isabella is in an artificial coma whilst surgeons "battle to save her" (Credit: Facebook/ Nicola Floyd) ©Facebook/ Nicola Floyd

Nicola's mother turned off the jacuzzi and ran to get help, but the jacuzzi still had the child in its grip. Devastatingly, Isabella was stuck for roughly a minute and could only get free when a lifeguard switched off the electricity.

Nicola, who is from Hampshire in the UK but now lives in Bulgaria near the hotel, added: "She is my only child – it took me three years to get pregnant with her."

Nicola with Isabella in April 2013 (Credit: Facebook/ Nicola Floyd) ©Facebook/ Nicola Floyd

Isabella is now in an artificial coma after surgeons performed two operations on her bowel, which has been left badly-damaged by the incident.

Dr Rumen Hristov, who is a paediatric surgeon at the hospital in the Black Sea resort, said: "Medics are battling to save her."

We hope that little Isabella makes a full recovery.

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