Former Big Brother star tells of domestic violence: “Seeing my own blood couldn’t make me leave”

Sallie Axl has today opened up about her ''horrific memories'' of the terrifying ordeal she went through at the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

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The former Big Brother star and now DJ says it's something she thinks could haunt her forever.

"I know what it's like to feel so in love with someone you could forgive them for any sort of attack on your body and mind," she wrote in her Daily Star column.

"Feeling that controlled, you become scared to think, scared to speak, scared to even be you. And then even if you do escape, there's a risk you'll never entirely get 'you' back".

Sallie Axl now works as a DJ [INSTAGRAM]

The 26 year old mother of one revealed the truth after watching the BBC documentary 'Murdered by My Boyfriend' which is based on a story.

She said: "[it] hit my heart like a bullet to the chest.

This programme was a raw and accurate account of how love can border on pyschotic obsession than can lead to a beating or even a death".

The story revolved around Ashley, a young girl who got in a relationship and didn't know her partner was violent until she became pregnant. It was painful to watch her go back to him time and time again, we wanted to go through the screen and get her out of there ourselves.

Sallie commented: "Watching this film and seeing the little indications of control, paranoia and abuse brought back horrific memories of a very dark part of my life.

She urges that if you know this is happening to someone, be there for them and to "not judge them for staying".

"Leaving a violent partner is probably going to be the hardest time of their life; if they ever manage to do it".

By Jonika Kinchin

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