Forget Neknominate! Women turn killer drinking game craze into charity campaign for breast cancer awareness

After the Neknominate trend that claimed five lives, hundreds of women have taken the idea and turned it into a constructive campaign to raise money for charity.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Bangers to cancer was started by Michelle Kent, 35, as a means of spreading their message on the web as fast as possible.

Participants are encouraged to strip to their bra 'take a pic, post it on Facebook and then nominate three others or more,' whilst holding up a sign that directs viewers to their JustGiving page.

Model Brandy has got in on the trend

Models Brandy Amy Brewer and Elinor Weedon have also shown their support for the campaign by stripping off.

Michelle, who started the campaign, says she's trying to use the Neknominate idea but 'putting it to some good.'

Hundreds of women and men have tweeted their support

Neknominate is an Australian craze that involves downing large quantities of alcohol and then nominating your friends to outdo you.

Five U.K. men under the age of 30 have died in connection to the game, including rugby player Bradley Eames, 20, who died after drinking two pints of gin.

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