Flight MH370: Location of black box of missing plane might have been discovered but those searching are running out of time

Those searching for missing Malaysian flight MH370 plane are up against the clock as the black box could run out of battery as soon as Monday.


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However, a pulse from what could be the black box has been located 1,500 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia, with a frequency of 37.5 kHz per second.

After almost a month, some believe that this will lead to the discovery of the plane. But the black box, which ‘pings’ a location when underwater, only has a battery life of 30 days.

Despite there being a chance that it could be the black box from flight MH370, it is not confirmed and some experts believe that we are no closer to finding the plane than before.

David Learmount, former RAF Hercules pilot and aviation expert claimed that, despite the ‘pings’, the search parties could still be looking in the wrong area.

Some believe that the location of the black box has been discovered off the coast of Perth, Australia
Some believe that the location of the black box has been discovered off the coast of Perth, Australia

He said: “If they don’t find any floating wreckage they have no idea where to look. How much more clearly can I put it than that? We don’t know where to look, we think we know and we’re doing our best, but we may be wrong.”

However, Proefessor David Stupples, a radar expert, told Sky News that, although it’s not confirmed as the plane’s black box, he doesn’t know what else could be emitting a signal like that.


He said: “It could be the black box or it could be something extraneous. I don’t know anything else that puts out the 37.5 kHz signal.

“My worry is the range. If this is in 2,000-3,000 metres of water, the range of the pinger is one to two kilometres at best.”

While the search for the mysterious flight continues, tensions have been growing between China and Malaysia. Many family members of those on board the plane have criticised the search.

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