This fitness blogger’s response to being fat shamed at the gym is SO inspiring

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These days, there are so many inspiring influencers out there encouraging us to love ourselves. Earlier this week, we saw that one body positive Instagrammer’s post about loving her natural body hair resonated with so many women that it went viral.

So when one fitness Instagram star posted about the horrific treatment she received from a stranger at the gym, we were appalled.

Julie Ana Kim has been sharing her personal fitness journey on Instagram for around two years, inspiring thousands of others on the social media platform by posting pictures of her gruelling work outs, delicious meals and phenomenal transformation pictures.

However, one of her most recent posts has gone viral after she revealed that a fellow gym-goer tried to shame her during a workout.

Alongside a photograph of herself at the start of her fitness journey, Julie said: "A reminder to myself that this is no longer me. Not just in size, but in my mind set and strength.

"Today, I was at the gym with Sophie doing #gracefitguide when a man walked up to me and told me how “proud” he was that I was there. He proceeded to tell me how brave I was for being my size and still coming to the gym. And KEPT talking and had to stop himself from calling me fat.

"Thank you sir (eye roll emoji)."

Julie went on to explain that it came when she wasn’t feeling her best, which really didn’t help.

She continued: "He did, however, use his hands to motion how big I was while saying he himself couldn’t imagine coming to the gym while being that big.

"It doesn’t help that this week, I’ve been super bloated and feeling bigger than usual and down on myself, and then this man just makes me feel like absolute s**t. I wish I could say I was like fuck you and kept on with my workout.

"Instead I just smiled in shock until he left and cried in the bathroom with Sophie. I was hurt, embarrassed, and mortified. If he said this to me at the beginning of my journey, I would never come back to the gym."

fitness blogger
Julie is refusing to let hurtful comments affect her* (Credit: Instagram)

However, Julie is keen to point out that although his horrendous comments are far from okay, there’s something everyone can learn from this.

"I was always scared to workout at the gym for this reason. That people would judge me. Everyone is at the gym to better themselves and become healthier so PLEASE refrain from going up to someone and belittling them. I honestly don’t think his words came from a good place, I can’t explain the way he said it to me. How do you practically call someone fat to their face and think that it’s encouraging?" she asked.

"I refuse to let this deter me from going to the gym. I’ve learned to love going to the gym and it’s my happy place and it will continue to be. F*CK WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS OF ME. I know why I’m there and I know how much progress I’ve made.

"K rant over. I can’t believe I cried on my insta story but it’s raw and real. Anyways I’m off to meal prep!!!! Macros start tomorrow! Thank you everyone for already dm-ing me sweet messages. I’m okay just need a little time to recover."

fitness blogger
She's inspiring thousands of others with her journey* (Credit: Instagram

The Instagram star was flooded with love from her 50,000 followers who look to her for inspiration and motivation, and her post highlights an important message – it’s NEVER okay to judge someone else, or assume you know their story.

Keep doing what you’re doing Julie!

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