Fitness blogger who posted selfie 4 days after giving birth branded ‘obscene’

Fitness blogger, WAG and new mom Caroline Berg Eriksen has come under fire after posting an extremely toned near-naked selfie four days after giving birth.


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The 26-year-old is the wife of Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen and the woman behind the biggest fitness blog in Norway.

Just days after giving birth to giving birth to her baby girl, Nelia on November 24, Caroline posted an underwear-clad picture on Instagram, with the caption:

"I feel so empty, and still not... 4 days after birth."

However Australia's Mama Mia blogger, Rebecca Sparrow soon hit out at the picture, branding it a "disservice."

"This whole situation has become ludicrous," Sparrow wrote.

"Competition for women to give birth and remove any trace from their bodies is OBSCENE"

"The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE. There is no other word for it. Actually, it’s more than obscene – this 'Look how hot I still am!' obsession and need for public endorsement."

"Focusing on HOW we look post-baby detracts from how we feel," she continued.

Rebecca Sparrow: "Focusing on HOW we look post-baby detracts from how we feel"
Rebecca Sparrow: "Focusing on HOW we look post-baby detracts from how we feel"

"And THAT is what we need to be concerned about with all new mothers. Motherhood is overwhelming on so many levels. We need to shift this goddamn focus back to the mental health of our mothers."

Caroline during her pregnancy

But Eriksen, who gained 22 pounds during her pregnancy, defended herself on ABC News, responding:

“During the pregnancy, people kept telling me that my body will never be the same and I wanted to show everybody that’s not entirely true.”

“I think all women should be proud of themselves, regardless of how they look after labor," adding that she has not worked out since giving birth.

Caroline with Nelia

Do you think 'perfect' post-baby selfies bully other mums into feeling pressured to lose baby weight faster?

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