Fit mum attacks plus size ‘curvy girl’ confidence boosting campaign: ‘This isn’t how a real woman should look’

Famous fitness guru Maria Kang has caused outrage by attacking a campaign launched by a plus size lingerie owner on Facebook, aimed at empowering plus size women.


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The mother-of-three gained fame in America after she documented her post pregnancy weight loss becoming a poster girl for fitness, and self-proclaimed ‘No excuse mum’.

The 32-year-old, who has previously been accused of ‘fat-shaming’ by posing in a revealing gym outfit with her three young children captioned ‘What’s your excuse’, has caused a backlash by speaking out against a store owner’s selfie campaign promoting ‘real beauty’.

Maria Kang has been accused of 'fat shaming'
Maria Kang has been accused of 'fat shaming'

Chrystal Bougon, 45, sells lingerie in size 14 and above, and appealed to women last month to post 'sexy' selfies on her professional Facebook page in a bid to show 'what regular women look like when they step into all of their beauty and sexy.'

Encouraging participants to step forward, she wrote:

‘You never know who you might touch. Who you might help. Whose life you may change when they see they are NOT the only woman with cellulite, rolls, scars, saggy breasts or stretch marks.'

Chrystal Bougon started a 'sexy selfie' plus size campaign

However Kang took to her Facebook page, which boasts 250k likes, expressing her distaste at the campaign, writing:

‘The ladies depicted in Ms Bougon's photo gallery are not how real women look like or should look like.

'A lot of people can just tell that [a] person is not healthy.'

'These are women who are overweight and who are obese and they're saying how real women should look like.’

However she was soon blocked from Facebook accused of ‘promoting hate’, and only let back in 2 days later when the post had been banned.

News channel CNN invited Kang and Bougon onto their show yesterday.

Speaking on the show, Kang explained:

'I was a little bit peeved because I thought "No, that's not how real women should look like."

'There's a fine line we're walking right now, as a nation, with the obesity crisis that we're in.’

Bougon: ‘You can’t tell how healthy I am by looking at me, some bodies don’t have the genetics to look like that’

However Bougon responded she felt Kang was promoting ‘hate speech, bullying’ and she wanted to ‘celebrate women of all sizes’ explaining ‘all women deserve to feel beautiful.’

‘Some bodies don’t have the genetics to look like that even if we work out six times a week.

‘You can’t tell how healthy I am by looking at me’, she argued.

Kang later took to her website,, that Ms Bougon's online campaign 'normalizes being unhealthy.'

Kang: 'Bougon's online campaign 'normalizes being unhealthy.'

She continued: 'We need to change this strange mentality we are breeding in the U.S. and start celebrating people who are a result of hard work, dedication and discipline.

'I’m not bashing those who are proud and overweight, I am empowering those who are proud and healthy to come out and be the real role models in our society.'

Do you think Kang is promoting ‘fat shaming’ or do you think she has a valid health point?

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