Fiancée of transgender woman: “Our baby’s Dad swapped sex before I gave birth”

Growing up, Gemma Smith-Bourgaize, 32, always longed to become a mum – and last month her dream came true when she gave birth to her daughter, Megan-May.

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by Emily Cope |
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But Gemma’s family set-up is far from conventional as her partner, Lexi, 22, was born male and is waiting for a sex change.

When the couple first met Lexi was still living as a man, and Gemma was a lesbian - but, against the odds, they fell in love.

Then, a year later, Lexi - who has the same surname as Gemma after they changed their names by deed poll - shocked Gemma by revealing she wanted to become a woman.

Gemma fell in love with Lexi when she was a man named Luke

Amazingly, despite Gemma’s initial disappointment, she accepted her partner’s decision – and now the couple are thrilled to have both become mums.

Gemma, from Guernsey, says: “When I first saw Lexi, I knew I fancied her - even though she hadn't transitioned yet.


"She was tall, dark and handsome and we connected. I effectively became straight for her so I was dumbstruck when a year later she told me she wanted to become a woman.

"But now we're happier than ever. Our daughter, Megan-May is perfect and I’m thrilled to finally have the family I’ve always dreamed of.”

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