Festive nudists: “There’ll be naked Twister at our office party”

Not many people can strip off in front of their boss with no repercussions, but staff at a naturist B&B in Birmingham are only too happy to get naked on the dancefloor


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Office Christmas parties are traditionally a time when we let our hair down – and then blush at the memories.

But at the Clover Spa and Hotel it’s rare for anyone to wake up feeling red-faced in the morning.

At the naturist B&B staff enjoy strip off for naked twister and balloon popping games, though the group hug can get a little tricky as they jiggle their bits on the dance floor to Christmas hits.

But owner Tim Higgs, 58, is keen to point out that the evening only gets spicy when they tuck into a turkey curry.


“There’s absolutely nothing sexual in it! Yes, we might be naked if we want to be, but I always laugh if there’s a group hug – everyone stays at arms-length so there’s no accidental brushing of bits!”

Tim always starts off naked at the party and most of his 12 staff follow suit – more often than not ending up in the hot tub in the early hours of the morning.

Tim, whose wife isn’t a naturist, bought the hotel four years ago and it’s run as a clothing optional spa and hotel – meaning guests can be naked anywhere in the establishment if they choose to be, but there’s no pressure on them or the staff to be nude.

For part-time receptionist and personal assistant Hannah White, 24, it’s a refreshing situation. “I started working here a few months ago,” says Hannah, who’s single. “I have no issues with nudity at all, if it’s the right occasion.

"I go to naturist beaches too, I’m very comfortable in my own skin and I like how liberating it is – my motto is ‘nude ain’t rude’!”

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