Female teacher escapes jail despite affair with male student of 16

A female teacher who had a sexual relationship with a 16-year old pupil has avoided prison despite being found guilty of sex offences.


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Roseanna Langley (pictured left), 24, from St James High School in Exeter, pleaded guilty to two offences of sexual activity with a male aged 13 to 17 while in a position of trust.

One text read 'Baby please let me tie you up tomorrow it’s so sexy.’

The science teacher, who had recently separated from her fiancé, sent around 1,500 explicit texts and photographs to the 16-year-old boy’s phone, including one which read: ‘Baby please let me tie you up tomorrow it’s so sexy.’

She also sent one stating that she: ‘didn’t care if she got sacked so long as they could be together.’

Alarmingly, Roseanna also lied about being pregnant in order to keep the relationship going, and sent naked photos of herself when she felt the boys interest waning.

The judge told her: ‘Your actions were selfish and motivated by a need to boost your own damaged self-esteem by encouraging him to have a sexual interest in you. You groomed him and when his interest in your faltered you sent him text messages and explicit photographs to rekindle his sexual interest.’

The teacher would invite groups of pupils back to her house to watch films, where some witnessed her kiss and cuddle the boy before they both went into her bedroom.


Roseanna was handed an eight-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, given 150 hours community service and ordered to attend a sex offender’s course.

She will also be put on the sex offender’s register for ten years and barred from working with children and young people indefinitely.

The judge said: ‘You are an intelligent young woman. You knew the risks you were taking but you abandoned all self-discipline and judgment.’

Adding: 'I am told you had wanted to be a teacher since you were a child. You have destroyed that. You will never teach children again.’

Roseanna was handed an eight-month jail sentence, suspended for two years

For the defense, Kelly Scrivener said that Langley had met the boy through his older sister, not through school, and that she had never taught him.

She added: ‘This was not a teacher preying on a vulnerable student. There was no pressure of coercion.’

Langley was arrested this week after being spotted in a car with the teenager, but was released as this did not breach her bail conditions due to the boy no longer being a pupil at the school.

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