Father punishes daughter by moving her entire bedroom to the driveway: “Clean it next time”

When this father got sick of asking his daughter to tidy her bedroom, he decided to punish her - and move her entire room to the driveway!


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

As parents, we've all been there; we just want our kids to tidy their bedroom. But, for the kids, there's always something more fun to do - read a magazine, text a friend, hit the park… you know the score.

But, while most parents would ground their teenage daughter if she flat-out refused to tidy up, this dad decided to get a little more inventive with his punishment.

Yup, Craig Schlichenmeyer was so fed up with his daughter's messy room that he decided to move everything in her bedroom to the driveway, including the bed, dresser and all her belongings.

He left a note that suggests next time that she should do what she is told, reading:

"Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."


Speaking with US news site KHOU.com, the frustrated father explained: "My intention was just to surprise her a little bit and let her know that she should take ownership and pride in her room.

"Do the right thing' when we tell you to clean it up, clean it up."

Unsurprisingly, Haley has learned her lesson and will clean her bedroom promptly, when asked, from now onwards.

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