Facebook will delete hundreds of your photos – unless you do this:

If you want to keep all your Facebook photos, you need to read this important warning

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Ah, Facebook; it truly does hold a very special place in our hearts nowadays.

After all, where else can we keep up-to-date with literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G we need to know?

From birth announcements to wedding photos, funny statuses to breaking news, to instant message fun with our besties, there’s a reason we spend so much time scrolling through our Facebook feed.

But we love it most of all for providing us with an online photo album, which can be updated and shared amongst friends whenever we want to.

Too bad they’re threatening to delete hundreds of our favourite snaps if we don’t download their new app, eh?

Yup, we’re deadly serious.

Over the past couple of months, a bar featuring every photo in your camera roll has been showing at the top of Facebook’s homepage.

This has been (probably without you knowing) uploading your phone’s snaps and backing them up a private folder.

But they're all about to disappear...

Collage of photos on FB Moments app
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In an official statement, the brains behind the new Facebook Moments app said: “Photos you privately synced from your phone to Facebook will be deleted soon. Earlier this year, they were moved to Moments, a new app from Facebook.

“If you want to keep these photos, download and log into Moments before 7 July.

“If you don’t want Moments, download these photos directly to your computer from your Facebook profile before 7 July.”


However they made sure to point out that, even if photos are deleted, this will not affect any other photos or videos shared on Facebook separately from the specially synced album.

The Moments app is described on the App Store as: “Finally, an easy way to get all the photos of yourself trapped on your friends' phones.

“After events, celebrations, trips or just hanging out, it's no longer a hassle to collect all the photos and videos you'll want to look back on. With Moments, you can quickly give your photos to friends and get their photos, too.”

Collage of photos on FB Moments app
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It has had a mixed reaction from people, with some describing it as “decent”.

Others, however, are less than impressed.

One said: “Photo disappears from choices available after use… [but] creating a Moments should be non destructive editing.

“You should have the ability to create a new Moments without the disappointment of being unable to use a picture already used in a previous Moment.”

Someone else criticised the app for being so “disorganised”.

However one user has defended it from critics, writing: “For all that are complaining about having to download another app, you're so petty.

“People don't like change. I get it. Well, servers fill up and new bigger building, cooling systems and maintenance must go on. How about be thankful that this is all free?”

Will this affect you?

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You can download the Facebook Moments app here{=nofollow}.

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