Exam is cancelled after pigeons ’cause chaos’ and disrupt students

A university exam was cancelled after pigeons flew into the hall and disrupted students.


by Fiona Day |
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Students were sitting a law exam at Bangor University in Wales when some feathered friends decided to sneak a peak at their exam papers.

Kyle Gauvin, an exchange student visiting from the US, revealed to the university’s student paper Seren: ‘There were two pigeons that somehow got in the room and they were on top of the organs in the back of the room and would not just shut up. I guess a few people complained and then they ended the exam.’

Students were upset that their exam had been disrupted and that little had been done to solve the problem.

Students will now have to re-take the exam (stock image)

A first year student said: ‘My honest opinion is that the situation could have been handled better, the invigilators saw and knew they were there but did nothing other than say ‘If there is a problem with the pigeons then let us know and we will see what we can do.’

Hilariously, students have created a Twitter account for the naughty, gate-crashing pigeons.

A spokesperson for the university told reporters: ‘Bangor University has apologised to the students concerned and in addition to rescheduling the exams, has assured students that they will not be disadvantaged as a result of this disruption.’

He added: ‘The pigeons left the hall before the afternoon exam session, which went ahead as planned.’

Students will now have to re-sit the exam following the pigeon intruders’ appearance.

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