Ex-cult member Natacha Tormey: ‘I was forced to choose between my family or my life’

Last week, shocking details emerged about controversial cult Gloriavale Christian Community, where teenagers are forbidden from speaking to each other until the marry, contraception is banned, and members are cut off from normal society and taught the outside world is 'evil'. Closer speaks to one woman who has had first-hand experience of the horrors of growing up in a cult...


by Miranda Knox |
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Natacha Tormey, 31, grew up in a cult known as The Children Of God, set up in 1968 by leader David Berg.

At its peak, the group boasted approximately 10,000 members and at one point even counted the parents of Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix and Charmed actress Rose McGowan among its members.

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Writer Natacha says: "Reading about Gloriavale reminds me of my own upbringing. All cults demand total control over members' lives, dominating everything from work to relationships. Like Gloriavale I wasn't allowed any contact with the outside world and was taught that all non-members were 'evil'. Birth control was banned and no proper education was provided..."

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