Desperate mum with spinal arthritis slams Josie Cunningham: ‘She’s the reason I can’t have surgery’

A mother of two has revealed that her life is being blighted by her large breasts.


by Fiona Day |

The 32-year-old told a UK newspaper: “My family life is being destroyed by my breasts. That’s why I’m fighting so hard for this surgery.”

Doctors refuse to give her the surgery, despite the NHS paying for Josie Cunningham’s boob job.

“I can’t stand that woman... People like her are the reason I can’t get my surgery done. She is disgusting – a sponge on our society.”

Kim’s 14-year-old daughter Alana wrote to the NHS pleading with them to grant her mum the surgery she needs, revealing that Kim’s larger breasts have have made it difficult to care for her younger sister, 4-year-old Alyssa Mae.

She wrote: “My mum’s always had really big boobs but the problem didn’t start until I was old enough to help out with my little sister Alyssa-Mae.”

“My mum can’t do anything. She can’t push her on the swings at the park, she can’t hold her or cuddle her for long. She can’t even bath her.”

Kim is desperate for breast reduction surgery (stock image)
Kim is desperate for breast reduction surgery (stock image)

“I have to do all that. When my mum broke the news to me that she can’t have her boobs done I was angry and confused. But I was mainly disappointed and upset because my mum has been trying to do this for 10 years.”

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“I want my happy, cheerful mum back. Please let my mum live her life properly.”

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Kim said: “My daughter’s letter is heartbreaking. She’s turned into a carer because I can’t look after my youngest daughter.

“She has to help with the housework. I can’t even tie my four-year-old’s shoe laces or bend over.”

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Kim’s application for surgery has been rejected, with Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group releasing a statement reading: “New evidence has been submitted regarding this case and it is due to be considered again in early July so we cannot comment further.

"We do not fund cosmetic surgery.”

Do you think Kim has been treated unfairly?

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