Entire family is struck by lightening during dangerous electrical storm- and survives!

An entire family in Germany has been struck by lightening during a sudden electrical storm, and they thankfully lived to tell the tale!


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According to reports, the family was caught off guard when the storm appeared out of nowhere, leaving them little time to seek shelter indoors.

Hairdresser and mum-of-two Ricarda told a German newspaper: ‘I was just about to mow the lawn behind the house. Then it started to rain and we started to collect everything from outside. Suddenly it struck loudly and without warning… Then I felt a tingling sensation from head to toe.’

Ricarda’s sister Judith , her mother and her son Elias were also struck by lightening as they rushed for cover.

The family were rushed to the nearest hospital
The family were rushed to the nearest hospital

‘They were immediately unconscious,’ Ricarda said. ‘Elias’ father, Ruben, and Grandpa Hans -Jürgen revived him, I then searched the other children . It was a mess.’

‘A few minutes later, the ambulance appeared.’

Young Elias suffered the worst injuries in the freak family lightening strike, but his mother told the German newspaper that he is already much better.

Ricarda recalled: ‘There was chaos. Everybody was just acting on autopilot.’

The family, who according to reports all belong to the Jehovah's Witnesses , lived together in the house in Limbach- Oberfrohna, Germany.

What are the odds!

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