Emma Kenny on Wednesday’s controversial hunting vote: ‘Fox hunting shows how depraved humanity is’

On Wednesday, the government will hold a vote to change the Hunting Ban - attempting to make it legal for animals to once again be chased down and killed barbarically.


by Ellie Hooper |
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To let you MP know that you don’t want the Hunting Ban amended, please take one minute to tell them so using this form.

We spoke to Closer’s Emma Kenny, an animal lover and ex hunting saboteur, who had this to say on the matter:

‘Fox hunting is a diabolical and unnecessary practice. This activity is insignificant in keeping the numbers of foxes down. Simply put fox hunting is not effective.

‘In fact when the foot and mouth disease crisis occurred and dogs were not used to hunt the population of foxes did not increase. This is because nature self-regulates.

‘Where large fox hunting culls occur the result tends to be an increase in the fox population.

‘There is also no evidence that foxes are vermin that need killing, actually they are essential to our Eco-system and are helpful in reducing crop damage as they hunt the animals that cause this. In fact foxes save crop farmers around 7 million pounds a year.

‘If you’ve ever watched a fox be ripped apart by dogs after being chased for miles and miles, as I have, you can’t help but think how utterly depraved humanity is.

‘Killing a fox in this way is not only unnecessary, it is a terrifying, humiliating and barbaric way for a living creature to die.

‘It doesn’t keep fox numbers down and the only reason they are trying to bring it back is to please the rich elite of this country.

‘This is about the rich drawing a line in the sand between them and us. This upholds a patriarchal system of red coats that also goes against equality.

‘We need to make it clear that the hunting ban must be upheld, and stop Cameron ignoring the voice of the people, replacing it with the voice of the rich.’

Dozens of celebrities agree with Emma, and have been tweeting their support for Keeping the Ban over this weekend.

Please fill out this form to tell your MP you don't want the Huntnig Act amended.

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