Elderly couple ring 999 to ask for help… because they are lonely

When a lonely elderly couple rang 999 asking for help, Greater Manchester Police knew exactly what to do

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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PC Stu Ockwell his colleague PC Richardson went round to Fred Thompson and his 95-year-old wife's home in Middleton, after she rang emergency services suggesting her husband was suffering from complications.

When they arrived, however, they quickly discovered that the couple had made the phone call out of “desperation” and were not in need of medical attention.

Instead, they were heartbreakingly lonely.

Speaking with ITV, PC Ockwell said: “The lady’s husband has gone blind and she struggles to look after him.

“It was out of desperation, really.

And they have since been flooded with messages of praise.

Not all of the messages have been positive; some people on Twitter have criticised the officers for wasting police time.

Michael Henderson, for one, said: “Sounds nice but how about dealing with proper incidents?”

However PC Ockwell maintains that he did the right thing.

He added: "We’ve had some flack over it but they’re a 95-year-old couple who wanted some help.

“We attended over a concern for their welfare.”

According to Age UK, over 1 million older people have not spoken to a friend, neighbour or family member for at least a month.

To find out how you can help, visit the Age UK website now.

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