Adorable couple who are celebrating their 86th Valentine’s Day together reveal the secrets to a happy marriage

Now THIS is relationship goals <3


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Prepare for your heart to melt...

A video of possibly Britain's cutest couple is doing the rounds on social media, thanks to BBC Lancashire.

Tom and Reenie, from Longton in Lancashire, are celebrating their 86th Valentine's Day together, and have shared some advice on how to keep the flame burning after such a long time.

The couple, full names Irene and Thomas Howard, met in 1931 at the ages of eight and nine years old as they lived four doors down from each other.

They remember it as the same day the Empire State Building was completed in New York.

The couple share a tender and passionate kiss (Credit: Facebook/ BBC Lancashire) ©Facebook/ BBC Lancashire

Reenie, 93, and Tom, 95, celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary in 2015, marking 70 years of marriage. They got married in Preston in 1945 as soon as Thomas returned from World War II where he was a private with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

And they revealed that the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is: patience.

When asked what the secret to a happy marriage is, Tom, who used to be a microphone operator, said: "Never worry - we've got each other.

"Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and you're my Valentine and always will be, right to the end of my life.

Reenie, a former lollipop lady, said: "We've had a good life, I'm not grumbling and neither is he.

They were then asked how they feel when they look back at their relationship.

Reenie said: "I could go through it all again - that's what I'd like to do. I wish I was that age - what do you say?" she asks her husband.

He replies: "We might be that age but we've still got it to look back at, haven't we? To look on.

"And it will always be like that," he says, giving Reenie a loving pat on the cheek.

The spark is still there between the two, who have been married 72 years this year (Credit: Facebook/ BBC Lancashire) ©Facebook/ BBC Lancashire

She pipes up: "We have our tiffs, you know, our rows."

"Doesn't anybody?" her husband chimes in.

She continues: "We never go to bed sulking."

When asked whether they would have done anything differently, Reenie immediately says: "No. I'd be just the same. I've been happy, I've had a happy life."

Tom replies: "I would say 86 years again with the same lady, the same wonderful lady."

Give us a minute, there's something in our eyes.

Watch the full interview below.

(Credit: Facebook/ BBC Lancashire)

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