Video: Eight year old girl watches her own birth – and her reaction is adorable

Men have been known to faint at the sight of childbirth, but this eight-year-old girl proves she's made of stronger stuff, when she's shown a video of herself being born.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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As she's plonked in front of the TV, this woman's daughter watches eagerly to see the miracle of life in action - and her response is adorable.

Instead of being overcome with repulsion at the messiness of the act, the girl is filled with emotion as she watches the footage, especially when she sees herself as a newborn baby.

'I'm so cute!' she exclaims, as she clasps her hands over her mouth.

The girl can also be seen imitating her mother's breathing rhythm during the birth, then asking her mum: 'This will happen to me when I'm a grown up too?'

Despite looking slightly shocked and concerned at some points during the birth process, the girl is visibly overjoyed when she sees that the baby has been safely delivered - and even apologises for hurting her mother.

'Sorry mummy that I did this,' she says. 'It was just too dark in your tummy.'

After watching that, we think some of the fellas out there need to man up!

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