EIGHT firefighters called to rescue dog stuck inside reclining chair

It took eight firefighters to rescue a dog after he got stuck in a reclining chair.


by Fiona Day |
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Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your family pet in distress, and one family in Ammanford, near Swansea, were faced with the nightmare of having to retrieve their much beloved pooch from inside their sofa…

The three-year-old Corgi named Princess was trapped in the scissor mechanism of the armchair after deciding to take some time out from his dog duties to have a nice relaxing snooze under the recliner.

Princess’s family soon noticed that the dog was nowhere to be found and realised that their furriest family member was calling for help from the inside of their living room’s reclining chair.

Eight firemen turned up to save Princess
Eight firemen turned up to save Princess

When Princess’s owners were unable to free her, they had no choice but to call in some outside help.

Not one…. Not two… Not even four.... But EIGHT firemen turned up to help free the poor trapped Princess from her recliner prison.

The men carefully dismantled the chair, ensuring that Princess escaped unhurt and un-traumatised from her ordeal.

One of the firemen, Jason Cadman, said: “The owner was relieved when we got her out, and the dog was wagging her tail so she was happy too.”

Princess was unable to comment on the incident, but we’re sure she would love to thank all eight firemen who helped her on that fateful day.

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