Eastenders producer says: “Only four people know who killed Lucy Beale”

For everyone trying to work out who killed Lucy Beale, you’re not alone in not knowing. In fact only four people know who actually did it, according to the producer of Eastenders.


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Dominic Treadwell-Collins admitted to a UK newspaper that not one member of the cast knows the identity of the killer, and only three other people besides him know.

He told a UK newspaper: “The killer is known by myself and three other people [in the production team]. When they are revealed, we don’t want everyone to go, ‘Oh, I never guessed that.’

“We want everyone to go, ‘Oh that makes sense, oh my God, that’s upsetting.’”

At Lucy's funeral, a distraught Ian is led from the church by Jane
At Lucy's funeral, a distraught Ian is led from the church by Jane

So there you have it, while you’re trying to work out who killed Lucy off, keep in mind that it is someone you’d expect it to be. Well that’s just most of the cast then…

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Jossa, AKA Lauren Branning, has revealed that she doesn’t think her character did it, although she’d like her to have.

She said: “I kind of want it to be me, because it would be cool, but I don’t think it is now. So I’m a bit gutted. She [Lauren] doesn’t really have a reason.”

Jacqueline Jossa says she hopes it was Lauren, but she doesn't think it was

Unless Lauren is the one who took the picture of best friend Lucy and dad Max kissing, then she would definitely have a reason, of course.

Another star of the show who has just given up trying to guess is Laurie Brett, who plays Jane. She said: “I have no idea. I’ve stopped kinda trying to guess, it’s one of those things you could start to tie yourself in knots about.

“I’ve stopped trying to work it out. I’m so confident I’m going to have the, ‘Oh my God’ moments, also I’ve finished filming so I’m not getting any more of the scripts.”

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