EASTENDERS: Ben Hardy AKA Peter Beale says ‘Ian is hiding something’

The mystery surrounding Lucy Beale’s death in Eastenders continues to thicken, but Ben Hardy thinks Lucy’s dad Ian is hiding something to do with it.


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Ben, 23, plays Lucy’s brother Peter and thinks their character’s dad might have been involved with his on-screen sister’s death.

He told We Love TV magazine: “Ian Beale is hiding something. None of the actors know who killed Lucy, although we do discuss our own theories on who it might be.

“In the scripts there are some censored scenes that I haven’t been allowed to read. I do know that Ian Beale is hiding something, but Adam Woodyatt [who plays Ian] won’t tell me, no matter how much I hassle him.

Ben revealed he knows Ian is hiding something to do with Lucy's murder
Ben revealed he knows Ian is hiding something to do with Lucy's murder

“The killer could be anyone at this point.”

Ben also admitted that Lucy’s death and the current storyline was a much needed ‘revival’ for the BBC One soap.

He said: “I do feel like it’s a revival. Public opinion about the show seems to be getting back on track.

“I’m really happy to be involved with this storyline, as for my first six-months Peter was just selling fruit and veg.”

Meanwhile, we saw in the last couple of episodes that Lauren Branning thinks that her ex lover Jake Stone murdered her best friend. And then we saw Jake go a bit mental and break into Lauren’s house, making himself look very guilty indeed.

We also got the news that, shock, nobody in the police had ever heard of Dot’s grandson, DC Charlie Cotton.

So, with all this new information, we really have no idea who was behind the murder. Who do you think it was?

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