Eastenders actress Lorna Fitzgerald admits: “I think Ian kills Lucy”

As Eastenders prepares to air Lucy Beale’s death scenes this week, fans are already questioning who will be behind her death.


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Now the cast of the soap are getting involved in the guessing. While characters like lover Max Branning and his daughter Lauren are popular choices, Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Max’s other daughter Abi, thinks the killer will be much closer to home.

Speaking to a UK magazine, Lorna, 18, said: “I’d have to say Ian. I know he’s devastated by her death – but I think that’s because he killed her!”

Many characters will be implicated in Lucy's death
Many characters will be implicated in Lucy's death

But Lorna also insisted that the cast are as much in the dark as the viewers, saying: “Everyone at Eastenders is waiting to find out the truth in the same way as the viewers.

“There was a censored scene in the script the other day and that put a buzz about he studio.”

Lucy is set to meet a grizzly end during this Friday’s episode and, among Max, Lauren and Abi, several other characters are going to be implicated. Click here to find out who.

Lorna thinks Lucy's dad Ian will be behind it

While everyone is busy already trying to work out what happens to Lucy, Lorna revealed that her character will continue to have problems with her boyfriend Jay Brown.

She said: “I don’t want Abi and Jay to split as it’s always been the two of them. Sometimes I get too involved.

“We were filming a scene the other day where Jay had to turn his back on Abi and talk to Lola and even I thought, ‘What are you doing? Stop it!’”

Lucy’s death is set to spark the biggest ‘whodunnit’ the soap has ever seen. Who do you think will be her killer? Let us know via the comments box below.

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