How you could be drink/driving without even knowing

Is your hangover going to leave you with more than a sore head?


by Fiona Day |
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Tis’ the season to be jolly! But for many people this Christmas, their Christmas party might leave them with more than a sore head and a dodgy stomach.

We all know not to get behind the wheel after a session at the pub or a drink with friends after work, but many of us aren’t aware that we could still be over the legal limit the morning after a big night out.

To test this, we ordered a breathalyser from to find out who would be safe to drive after a Christmas party at a typical central London office.

In Scotland, drivers must not be over the 0.5% alcohol blood level
In Scotland, drivers must not be over the 0.5% alcohol blood level

A quick blow into the function of the handy mini breathalyser and the results were clearly displayed on the screen.

Under 0.8% (0.5% in Scotland) and you’re safe to drive, anything over and if caught driving you could face an unlimited fine, a driving ban and a criminal record, which can affect the granting of a tourist visa to visit popular countries such as the USA.

The results were startling, with a handful of individuals still over the legal drink driving limit despite feeling like they would be okay to drive if they needed too.

Luckily, all those who took part use public transport to get to work, but for anyone planning on driving to work after their Christmas night out you might want to cut back on the units!


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