Dog who was stopped from attacking a child by a ‘heroic’ cat has been put down

A dog who was seen attacking a toddler before being scared a away by a cat has been put down.


by Jack White |
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The video, which has since gone viral, shows the dog, called Scrappy, run up to the toddler and pulling him from his bike.

Out of nowhere, the family’s cat jumps onto the dog and chases him away. Following the incident, Scrappy was held at an animal shelter but it has been reported that he has been put down.

Reports suggest Scrappy, a Labrador-Chow mix, attempted to bite staff at the shelter and so they thought it best to euthanise him.

The little boy, Jeremy, reportedly needed 10 stitches after Scrappy attacked him. In an interview following the attack, Jeremy described Scrappy as a ‘bad dog’.

The cat, called Tara, has become something of a star since the video became popular, she was even offered the first throw at a baseball game.

Speaking fondly of their family cat since, Ryan, Jeremy’s father, said: “We’ve just given her a lot of love, kept her in the house and paid a lot of attention to her.”

While Tara did save Jeremy’s life, the animal shelter which was holding Scrappy revealed it had received calls from people against putting the dog down.

A worker there said: “We’ve had calls from New York, we’ve had calls from all over the country.”

The shelter is believed to have waited the required 10 days before putting Scrappy down.

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