Feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone? You’re not the only one!

Jessica Ennis Hill dogs

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One in 10 of us have missed work or social events to hang out with our dogs, according to a survey

Dog owners will go to extreme measures to look after their beloved canines - from leaving the TV or radio on to staying off work to be with them.

Almost a quarter have also asked friends to drop in to their house to spend time with their dog too, according to the research from premium pet supplement YuCALM from Lintbells.

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They might also use measures such as setting up a web cam to check up on pets, or installing a dog flag in the door for them so they can go outside.

The average dog spends two hours and 27 minutes at home a day, according to the findings, and half of all dog owners say they feel guilty for leaving their pets alone so much.

Jessica Ennis Hill dogs
Celebrities such as Dame Jessica Ennis Hill love their dogs (Instagram/Jessica Ennis Hill) ©(Instagram/Jessica Ennis Hill)

A representative from Lintbells says: “They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and it seems that really is the case.

“No dog owner wants to leave their dog home alone but sometimes this is unavoidable.

“But as a result, it seems many owners are finding different ways to try and make sure their dog doesn’t end up feeling lonely while they are out and treating them when they get back home.

Jessica Ennis Hill dogs
Do you feel guilty when you leave your dog at home? (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

“It just goes to show how much we love our pets.”

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