Doctor helps panicked mother give birth in 20 minutes via FaceTime

A doctor has used iPhone technology to help a woman give birth to her first child

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When new mum Keyanna Rivera went into labour, there was no doctor to be found.

With her allocated doctor Meena Devalla was stuck at another hospital, Keyanna’s husband decided to contact her via FaceTime in an attempt to get the help that they needed.

Dr Devalla spoke calmly and collectedly to Keyanna as she suffered through contractions for just 20 minutes before welcoming her baby son.

Keyanna named her son Raphael following the (thankfully) short labour.

Dr Devalla gave instructions over FaceTime

The new mum told local news that her son couldn’t wait to get out into the world.

"His head was just hanging there. He was ready and there was no stopping him."

She added: “I think we got there at 11:30 - and he was out by 11:50."

Luckily, a medical assistant was on hand to help with the delivery, except she had never delivered a child before.

Not only had she never helped deliver a baby, but it turns out medical assistant Oswaida Torres had never used FaceTime either.

Torres told NBC news: "I was a little nervous.

"Thank you to the Lord that everything worked out and mommy and baby are doing great."

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