Devastated mum: “Mr Blair, you’ve got my son’s blood on your hands”

In 2003, Tony Blair led the UK into war with Iraq, in which 179 lives were lost from our armed forces.

John Jones

by Francine Anker |
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Last week, an inquiry cited the conflict was "not justified."

Carol Jones, 70, was heartbroken after her son was killed in 2005 and in a moving open letter, tells Tony Blair why she won't rest until he's tried for his part in it:

“Eleven years ago my son Sergeant John Jones died, aged 31, he was blown up by a roadside bomb in Basra. The pain is still as raw today as if I’d been told an hour ago.

"And the anger is as strong – it’s a war that should never have happened, as the enquiry last week showed, and you have his blood on your hands.

John Jones
John Jones ©Carol Jones

Carol has been left devastated by her son's death

"I accept that soldiers know the risks they take when they join up and though it would still be an unbearable loss if he died in a legitimate war, it would be easier to grieve.

"But this was a senseless war that you lead us into, poorly equipped and without genuine cause."

Read more of Carol's heartbreaking story in Closer, out today.

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