Further details emerge on tragic Amber Peat’s death

Further details of the tragic teen who lost her life earlier this year have emerged - painting a dark picture of her childhood.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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In an investigation by the Mail, it was revealed that Amber moved multiple times during her short life, where various characters drifted in and out of her existence.

The Mail claims that after her mother, Kelly Peat, married boyfriend Danny in 2013, Amber's family moved away once more - which took the 13-year-old away from her beloved grandmother, as well as her biological father Adrian Cook.

The investigation by the Mail also claims that the teen may have been exposed to 'inappropriate punishments and ridicule' in her current home.

By speaking to neighbours and extended family members, the Mail's investigation paints a picture of a girl who had a large share of the domestic chores, and who was often chastised if she did not perform them correctly.

This seems to fit with what allegedly caused Amber’s walkout ahead of her death - a fight over her cleaning out the cool box.

Despite the youngster's death 'not being treated as supicious,' investigations are still ongoing to determine what factors played a role in the tragic incident - where Amber was found hanged in a hedgerow three days after disappearing.

A neighbour told the Mail that he once observed Amber being sent outside with her hands above her head, with Mr Peat shouting at her, because she had looked at his laptop, while other friends and family seem to agree that she was often made to perform excessive chores.

It has also come to light that Danny Peat, 31, has now been removed from the family home, and is unable to have contact with Amber's younger sister unsupervised.

And whilst no physical or sexual violence has been alleged, the investigation seems to suggest a fractured childhood full of change and upheaval.

Amber’s death has still yet to be classed as a suicide. For the moment, it remains one of ‘undetermined intent’ - with the coroner still awaiting reports from social services and others to discover the true nature of Peat’s death.

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