How depressing… Sesame Street has to encourage children to play outside

Sesame Street is now encouraging children to take a break from phones and Facebook and actually go outside into the fresh air.


by Fiona Day |
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Oh, how things have changed in the past 10-15 years.

Remember the days when you couldn’t WAIT to go outside and play with your friends? Hours of fun were waiting to be had climbing trees, playing football, running around the park and making dens.

Sadly nowadays, many children would rather stay inside and surf the Internet or talk to friend son Facebook and Twitter rather than play outside.

Sesame Street has decided that enough is enough, and created a catchy song and music video to encourage children to go step outside their front door.

With lyrics such as: ‘No hashtag selfie put that thing away,’ and: ‘Now we’re running faster than 4G,’ the song uses all the technological jargon that children wouldn’t even have invented in their tree-house imaginations 10 years ago, let alone be fluent in.

American actor Zachary Levi sings: ‘In the park there’s a million games to play. You don’t need a fancy tablet with a retina display.’

Maybe we should all take notice of the song and ‘take a walk on this lovely sunny day.’

Watch the video below:

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