Defence Secretary urges government: ‘Consider Bombing Syria’

Britain’s Defence Secretary has urged MPs to consider allowing the country to bomb targets in Syria.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Michael Fallon has suggested that terrorist attacks, such as Friday’s tourist murders in Tunisia, could have been planned by IS in Syria.

For this reason, it has been suggested that the UK government start to think once more about taking certain targets out from the air.

And while there is no legal barrier to bombing the country, a commons vote will be organised before any action can be taken.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

Meanwhile Prime Minister David Cameron said that IS pose an ‘existential threat’ to the whole of the West, and that its members in Iraq and Syria are planning ‘terrible attacks’ on British soil.

Parliament approved UK bombing militant positions in Iraq last year, but they have not approved the same in Syria as of yet. This distinction has been criticised, as IS apparently move freely and with ease across the border - without any care for country boundries.

In 2013, Cameron was defeated when he proposed air strikes on Syrian targets, with his party teaming up with Labour to oppose the move.

If the decision is taken to bomb the region, this will enrage campaigners, who believe Britain and America have no business getting involved in the region.

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