Adoring dad completes survey on behalf of his 11-month-old baby daughter, with hilarious results

When a daycare asked an 11-month-old baby to fill out a survey, they definitely weren't expecting her to hand this in…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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When Redditor JesadBellic's friend received a questionnaire from his daughter's daycare, he was a little perturbed.

Mainly because they wanted his daughter to fill it in. And, being an 11-month-old baby, the little girl was finding it pretty difficult to establish what her "strengths" and "weaknesses" were.

Thankfully, however, her daddy swooped in to save the day.

He filled in the survey on her behalf, leading to one of the most hilarious and eloquent baby surveys - ever.

Check. It. Out.

Best survey response ever?
Best survey response ever?

Sure, it's funny, but the survey DOES paint a pretty good representation of his baby daughter. So we reckon this dad wins points for being a good papa AND a comedian - what parent could do more?

**The survey has proven to be a hit online - but what do you think of it? Let us know below via the Comments Box, stat! **

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