Daughter: ‘I wanted to repay mum for giving me the gift of life’ by donating kidney to her

A young woman has donated her kidney in order to save her mother's life.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Milissa Hutchinson, 21, had her kidney removed on Valentine's Day and it was given to her mother, Mandy, 49.

Mrs Hutchinson had been experiencing kidney failure for over a year after her body's immune system turned on them.

She had become dependant on dialysis and her health had deteriorated significantly, something which Milissa found very difficult to watch.

'It was scary but all worthwhile when I woke up and realised I had saved someone's life.'

'I nominated myself straight away - I hated seeing my mum so ill.'

'It was scary but all worthwhile when I woke up and realised I had saved someone's life.'

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Milissa added that going in for an operation when she was perfectly healthy was 'the strangest situation to be in, as normally you're going in to improve your own health.'

After just a week in hospital, Milissa has been sent home, and welcomed her mum back just after.

'Mum being ill has changed my life forever, I used to be a typical 21-year-old and went out all the time with friends but now I'd rather spend time with my mum.'

Mandy Hutchinson suffers from a rare condition that's thought to develop after pregnancy. It develops when cells from the baby remain inside the mother and the body starts to attack them.

The pair have documented their journey to the transplant on their Facebook page here.

Milissa is keen to raise awareness at him kidney failure can affect lives and to encourage live donors.

The pair are both now recovering well.

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