Dad posts inappropriately sexy photo of daughter on Facebook to ‘punish her’

A father has caused outrage after posting an inappropriately sexy photo of his daughter on Facebook as a form of 'punishment'


by Kayleigh Dray |
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We imagine many parents are desperately trying to figure out a way to stress to their teenage sons and daughters how important it is not to post inappropriate photos of themselves online.

However one father decided to try a unique tactic, posting an image of his daughter - pressing her breasts together - onto his Facebook wall as a means of punishment.

He wrote: "My daughter keeps posting pics like this online. Guess she won't mind if I do too."

Unsurprisingly his daughter was NOT happy about his decision, writing: "OMG DAD TAKE THIS DOWN [sic].


Via Facebook
Via Facebook

But, while the photograph definitely seemed to have made his daughter rethink her online behaviour, it seemed to have an unwanted (and somewhat amorous) affect on the dad's Facebook friends.

One commented: "Hey ------ who's the hottie?"

Do you think this was an appropriate form of punishment? Or are you, like many parents, outraged at this father's behaviour?

Is Facebook shaming just another form of bullying?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments Box below.

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