Dad shares conversations he has with his sassy daughters and they’re HILARIOUS

James Breakwell

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James Breakwell - who goes by the Twitter name XplodingUnicorn - has gone viral after revealing the hilarious conversations he has with his daughters

We're pretty sure like many parents you've probably had funny conversations with your children but one dad regularly shares the hilarious encounters he has with his little ones.

James Breakwell – who goes by the Twitter username XpolodingUnicorn – has gone viral after sharing the hilarious conversation he has with his daughters and wife Lola.

The 30-year-old dad to four daughters all under the age of six, has over 800k followers and regularly updates Twitter with his children's sassy, witty and HILARIOUS comments.

James Breakwell
James' daughters have definitely inherited his sense of humour (Credit: Instagram / james_breakwell ©Instagram / james_breakwell

James, who was nominated for Closer's Blogger Dad of the Year Awards last year revealed that even though his followers find him hilarious, his 30-year-old wife is doesn't read his tweets and is "grudgingly tolerant of his Twitter activities."

The dad-of-four went on to explain that his wife is used to his sense of humour. Opening up to US Weekly, he explained: "She was aware I was a terrible person when she married me, so my tweets just confirm what she already knows."

He went on to reveal that he has "two more seats in the minivan" for more children. Although James and Lola haven't had a little boy yet, James would be happy to welcome another little girl: "I got my girls to like Star Wars and Xbox, so I don't know that raising a boy would be that much different.

"I'm equally capable of ruining a child from another gender."

James Breakwell
James keeps his thousands of followers entertained by his tweets (Credit: Instagram / james_breakwell) ©Instagram / james_breakwell

We've rounded up some of our favourite tweets from James Breakwell and his daughters.

When his six-year-old daughter had the best excuse to getting out of her chores

When his daughter believed in superpowers (and now we wish we were young again)

When his two-year-old daughter made fun of his nose

When his daughter simply didn't care that he went viral again

When his daughter completely ignored his masculinity

When his daughter had the best response after spotting her classmate in public

When his youngest daughter made a sassy comment

When his daughter already knows her stuff at four-year-old

His wife it totally relatable too

When his daughter makes her love for pizza clear

When his daughter made it known she was getting a horse

When his daughter showed him just how witty she can be

When his daughter is already aware of the struggles of wearing heels

When his one-year-old daughter proved she needs attention

When you can totally relate to one of his daughters waking up in the morning

When his daughter made an inappropriate joke without even knowing it

When his daughter was too smart for the Tooth Fairy

Finally, being totally able to relate to their family photo

Are your children witty or sassy? Do you have a funny story to share about your kids? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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