Too cruel? Woman spikes boyfriend’s aftershave with world’s HOTTEST chilli!

This is one of the meanest (and funniest) revenge pranks we’ve seen in ages


by Closer Staff |
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When this man teased his girlfriend with a snake, knowing she was terrified of them, she left him feeling like he was off the hook. Until, that it, she served up one of the best revenge pranks we’ve ever seen.

Talking to the camera, the woman explains her prank before showing up a hot sauce which contains the Carolina Reaper chilli.

The chilli measures 1.47 million on the Scoville scale. If you think jalapenos are spicy, they only measure 1,000 to 4,000, so the Carolina Reaper is burning hot, to say the least.

She squirts the liquid into his aftershave and lays in wait for her boyfriend who, as she expects, wanders later into the bathroom and covers his face in aftershave.

All hell soon breaks loose with the man running downstairs to cover his face with milk before he smothers his face in yoghurt.

We feel sorry for him, but it’s just so, so funny!

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