Creepy CCTV footage: Terrified mum fits camera to find out what caused mystery scratches to door

A mother-of-two was left “shaking uncontrollably” after viewing this shocking CCTV footage of her home…

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Just last month, 30-year-old Lisa Mackenzie fitted a camera in attempt to find out what had caused scratches around the lock on her back door.

The mum-of-two found a wire, which she identifies as a wiper blade insert, on the floor nearby which had been bent into a hook shape at either end.

As well as this, on Monday morning, Lisa realised that the back gate had been left open.

Although she suspected one of her young children was responsible. she decided to view the CCTV just incase.

The care home assistant from Bridgend in Wales was horrified to find a would-be burglar with a clear incentive.

Using a large hooded anorak to hide his identity, wearing gloves and carrying a torch.

The prowler shins a torch into the kitchen window

Lisa said she was physically sick when she played back the recording while she and her two children were upstairs sleeping.

Watch the chilling footage for yourself below:

The video has gone viral after getting almost 25,000 views on social media.

Lisa told The Mirror that she was “shaking uncontrollably after watching the video”.

“What winds me up is I work hard for what little I have and to think somebody is trying to take it,” she said.

Since viewing the footage, Lisa has been unable to sleep and, as a result, she has spent hundreds of pounds on further security measures.

The £350 CCTV system was fitted last week

However Lisa has received overwhelming messages of support since posting the video on Facebook.

Richard Weber, South Wales Police Inspector Richard Weber said “We understand the footage causes concern but would like to reassure residents that burglary levels are low in the area and it appears to be an isolated incident.”

Following the attempted break-in at around 1.15am on Monday, police have increased patrols in the area around Lisa’s home in Brackla, Bridgend, whilst they investigate.

They have urged anyone with information to call them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Written by Abigail Wilson

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