Creative mum BUILDS her own Christmas tree every year

Ever seen egg boxes like this?

christmas tree

by Thea de Gallier |
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What do egg boxes and Christmas have in common? Not much, unless you're Carolyn Wignall.

The creative mum, from Huddersfield, decided against having a traditional Christmas tree this year, in favour of building her own - out of EGG BOXES.

egg box christmas tree

Carolyn told the Huddersfield Examiner that she wanted to preserve trees, so opted to create her own festive centerpiece.

She built the impressive decoration with her own four children, and some of the kids she looks after in her job as childminder.

egg box christmas tree

"We thought it looked like the Empire State Building, or Big Ben, but no, it was our Christmas tree," Carolyn told Closer.

egg box christmas tree

This isn't the first time Christmas has inspired her to be creative, either.

"Last years was much prettier," she explains. "We painted a pair of steps green and put layers of plastic bottles around them. It twinkled in the lights, it was lovely.

egg box christmas tree

But unsurprisingly, making your own tree isn't as easy as popping to the shops to buy one. "Both trees took several people 12 hours to build," she explained.

Festive arts and crafts are becoming something of a tradition for Carolyn and her family, and she says she's already planning next year's creation.

"Next year's tree is planned and the main [material is] here already," she says, without revealing what it'll be made out of.

She says that "it will be much sturdier than this fragile egg box tree."

We hope the egg box tree holds out over Carolyn's Christmas, and we're intrigued to see what she has in store for next year!

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