New dad suffers devastating double loss as wife and newborn baby pass away within hours


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Devastated Craig Renton suffered a tragic double loss after his heavily pregnant wife had a brain seizure - losing both his wife Heidi and beautiful baby Isabella in a matter of hours.

Craig, an engineer in the RAF, posted a heartbreaking tribute on Facebook to his much-loved wife and baby daughter, writing that he "always told Heidi how much he loved her".

Craig, from Newark, was married to Heidi for nine years, and they were ecstatic to be expecting their first baby together, due on 12 August.

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But on 4 August, only eight days before she was due to give birth, heavily pregnant Heidi suffered from chest pains and was rushed to hospital.

Tragically, she suffered a seizure in the ambulance and passed out on the way to the hospital.

She was taken into the resuscitation suite whilst Craig waited outside in anguish, but he was shocked to see nurses emerge from the room in tears.

He told The Mirror: "One sat with me and said something I'll never forget. 'I'm sorry your wife has died'. But then he added: 'Would you like to meet your baby girl?'"

Heidi had had a baby shower only a few days before her death (Credit: Facebook/ Craig Renton) ©Facebook/ Craig Renton

Heartbroken Craig was able to see his wife's body and to tell her he loved her, before having to ring her parents and tell them that she had died - but that their granddaughter had been born.

But as they rushed over to the hospital, Craig was given even more devastating news - scans for baby Isabella showed that she had no brain activity as she was starved of oxygen after Heidi had fallen ill, and would die within a few hours.

Craig told The Mirror: "For three hours, she was on a ventilator and then I made the decision to turn it off. She died peacefully in my arms at 15 hours old. Although I only knew her for 15 hours I grew to love her so much.

"She and Heidi were, and always will be, the loves of my life."

Craig was able to hold his baby girl (Credit: Facebook/ Craig Renton) ©Facebook/ Craig Renton

But grieving Craig is refusing to stay still, and is working to raise money for Nottingham Hospitals Charity, a charity close to Heidi's heart as she had ran the Nottingham half marathon with her colleagues.

He has set up an online donating page, having already raised just over £11,000.

He wrote on Facebook: "The most important thing for me is that for the last 9 years there hasn't been a day where I didn't tell Heidi how much I loved her and how beautiful she was, so I can be sure she knew just how much I loved her and how much I always will.

"Heidi gave me 9 years of excitement and happiness, she was a gorgeous, funny, caring, fiesty woman who knew exactly how to live life. Enjoying times together with family and friends. We never stopped to think if we should do something, we just did it."

Heidi and Craig were married for nine years (Credit: Facebook/ Craig Renton) ©Facebook/ Craig Renton

He continued: "I have enough memories to last me a lifetime. I am going to take Heidi's zest for life forward with me and make sure that I do her proud. I may be slightly biased, but she gave me the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen in my life, Isabella. Although her time was short, I loved her so much and will never forget her.

"If this tragedy can teach us anything, maybe it is that in life you should never take anything for granted. Treasure every moment good and bad. Hug your partner that little bit longer. Read that extra bed time story to your children. Make time for your family. If your ever thinking should you do something or not, just do it. Have no regrets.

"That's how Heidi lived and that's why I adore her so much. I will not be saying good bye to Heidi and Isabella today as they will be forever in my heart."

You can donate to Craig's cause here.

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